Churchville Nature Center
Churchville Nature Center is a non-profit environmental education center of the Bucks County Department of Parks & Recreation located on a 65 acre nature preserve adjacent to the Churchville Reservoir. This website highlights all the various programs and activities we offer year round. Check it out to plan your next visit!
2019 Annual Appeal
We ask you to consider a donation to our non-profit, the Friends of Churchville Nature Center this holiday season. Our Annual Appeal is a yearly request to our members and the community as a whole to help us continue our mission of environmental education, preservation and responsible stewardship. Thank you for the consider and have a happy holiday season.
-Staff & Volunteers of Churchville Nature Center
NOTICE: The Churchville Reservoir is still currently lowered 5 ft for needed repairs to the dam. This is temporary and will be reversed once the repairs have been made. Aqua America, the owners of the lake, ran into a few set backs that have delayed the project's completion. It should be done soon. Thank you for your patience, we know the water level drop is a bit jarring.
Upcoming Events
  1. December 14th - Christmas Bird Count
  2. December 14th - Make & Take: Herbal Salves
  3. December 15th - Lenape: Craft Corn Husk Dolls
  4. December 29th - Lenape: New Year's Prayer Ties
  5. January 10th - Owl Prowl Campfire
  6. January 11th - Winter Weather Adventure
  7. January 12th - Acorn Processing Workshop
  8. January 25th & 26th - Geode Cave Hunt
  9. February 9th - Nature Story & Song Hour
  10. February 9th - Lenape: Clay Bead Making
  11. February 23rd - Pancake Breakfast
  12. February 23rd - Maple Sugar Day
  13. February 28th - Star Party Campfire
  14. March 8th - Lenape: Gourd Bird Houses
  15. March 14th - Reptile Day
  16. March 21st - Get Your Garden Growing
  17. March 22nd - Lenape Village Work Day

Please check our calendar or program guide for more information on these and other upcoming programs.
The Winter Activity Guide Is Here!
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Winter Classes & Series

*Registration is required for all programs*
Fairy & Gnome School
December 26th, 27th, 28th, 30th & 31st
Studio Art Classes
January 5th - Drawing Studio
February 2nd - Painting Studio
Beginner's Origami
January 19th, February 16th & March 15th
Nature Center Adventures
January 4th, 18th, February 1st & 15th
Mommy & Me
March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st