Churchville Nature Center
Community Service
Program Overview
Churchville Nature Center offers a program for the completion of mandatory or court ordered community service. We offer plenty of opportunity to complete hours in a timely manner, but offer them only during hours of operation except in a select few circumstances. It is the candidate's responsibility to work around our schedule to complete their mandated hours.
In addition, a one-time fee of $25.00 is charged and must be paid prior to the completion of hours to receive a letter of completion.
Keep in mind, work will likely be physical. Dress appropriately and for the weather. No sandals, open face shoes or clothing that will hinder your ability to complete outdoor tasks such as raking, digging, etc...
We do not accept all offenses and expect all applicants to abide by the conduct outlined in the document below. Offenses must be stated before community service can begin.
If you are able to fulfill the above requirements, please use the contacts below to schedule an appointment to fill out paperwork.
For Court Ordered Community Service:
Bill Woodroffe, Naturalist
215-357-4005 ext 5033 (preferred method of contact)
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