Churchville Nature Center
Community Service
Program Overview
Churchville Nature Center offers a program for the completion of mandatory or court ordered community service. We offer plenty of opportunity to complete hours in a timely manner, but offer them only during specific hours. It is the candidate's responsibility to work around the schedules of supervising staff to complete their mandated hours. We hold no responsible for an individual's failure to complete hours due to improper time management. Hours are never available on Mondays and generally only available Tuesday through Friday and opposite weekends from 10 am - 5 pm when scheduled in advance.
  • The center charges one-time administrative fee of $25.00 that must be paid upon signing up for the program or in cases of exception, prior to the completion of service. No papers will be signed until payment is received.
  • Work will vary depending on the season and day. Generally work will be physical in nature. Exceptions due to medical or physical disabilities will be made, but are required to be disclosed prior to acceptance.
  • Candidates under the age of 18 will require the signature of a guardian to complete hours for the center prior to starting their service with us. Individuals under 18 years old will not be tasked with using motorized tools. Candidates must be 15 years or older. No exceptions.
  • Dress appropriately and for the weather. No sandals, open face shoes or clothing that will hinder your ability to complete outdoor tasks such as raking, digging, etc... Work may be required to be done outside in the winter, consider your choice of clothing prior to arrival. Individuals will be dismissed for clothing representing offensive language or imagery. It is your responsibility to dress to work, we are not liable for damages to personal property due to improper planning.
We DO NOT accept all offenses and require applicants to abide by the conduct outlined in the document below. Offenses must be disclosed before community service can begin. We may deny service based on unrealistic time restrictions for completion. Walk-ins will be required to schedule an appointment.
If you are able to fulfill the above requirements, please contact the program supervisor Bill Woodroffe using the contacts below to set up an appointment to fill out paperwork or print out the form above. EMAIL IS BEST. Unless unable to, please send an email to request an appointment that includes the offense, the number of hours assigned and the required due date. Responses may take several days by phone, but will be quicker through email.

Bill Woodroffe, Naturalist
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