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Volunteering at CNC
Volunteering at Churchville Nature Center
The staff of Churchville Nature Center happily invites you to join our ever growing family of dedicated volunteers. As a non-profit environmental education center & nature preserve, we rely heavily on the support of the public and the passionate individuals who choose to work with us.
Whether you are looking to join us every day or only for a one time gig, we have options available for everyone. For more information on the offerings we have, please check out our volunteer guide posted below.
If you have any questions or would like to set up a time to come in and talk about one of the positions available, please feel free to contact us at one of the contacts below.
For General and Group Volunteering Contact:
Diane Sears: Coordinator of Volunteers
215-357-4005 ext 5038

For the Butterfly House, Reptile Room & Surveys Contact:
Bill Woodroffe: Naturalist/Land Manager
215-357-4005 ext 5033

For Summer Camp Councelors Please Contact:
Peg Mongillo: Assistant Director/Naturalist
215-357-4005 ext 5036

Community Service
For those who need to complete hours at Churchville Nature Center involuntarily, we offer a program for the completion of those hours. Attached below is the center's policies for community service.
If you are able to fulfill the above requirements, please use the contacts below to schedule an appointment to fill out paperwork.
For Court Ordered Community Service:
Bill Woodroffe: Naturalist
215-357-4005 ext 5033
For Youth Aid Panel & Links Hours:
Diane Sears: Coordinator of Volunteers
215-357-4005 ext 5038
Volunteer Positions Include...
1. Visitor Aides
  • Greet and talk with the public
  • Provide visitors with information of upcoming events
  • Register program participants
  • Answer phones
  • Work with store manager
  • Help customers with purchases
  • Help with pricing, shelving and stocking merchandise
2. Grounds Crew & Handymen
  • Maintain fences and trails
  • Perform general maintenance and repairs around property
  • Construct benches, exhibits and other projects as needed
3. Event Aides
  • Assist in the set up, running and take down at festivals, fundraisers and special events held throughout the year
4. Gardeners
  • Assist the staff gardener in maintaining the Marlin D. Corn Wildlife Gardens
  • Tasks include: weeding, watering, planting and transplanting
5. Summer Camp Counselors
  • Help the educators set up, run and clean up during Churchville's summer camps
  • Help supervise children under the supervision of the educators
10. Butterfly House Docents
  • Lead public tours in the Butterfly House
  • Help rear butterflies
  • Assist with garden maintenance inside the butterfly house
11. Wildlife Species Count
Help the Nature Center collect yearly data on local wildlife species in counts such as:
  • Birdathon
  • Audubon Christmas bird count
  • Migratory bird count
  • Butterfly count
  • Reptile and Amphibian Atlas project