Churchville Nature Center
Membership and Donation Options
There are many ways to provide financial support to Chuchville Nature Center.
Basic annual memberships are offered to individuals ($22) and families ($35), with discounts offered to seniors and students. Upgraded memberships, with annual dues of $60 or more, provide us with more resources to fulfill our vital mission. Life memberships in Churchville Nature Center cost $1000. Life members receive a brass member card, and their names are added to our life members plaque, displayed prominently in the visitors center. Learn more about the benefits of a Churchville Nature Center membership.
There are numerous ongoing and seasonal fundraising activites at Churchville Nature Center.
Help us with general costs associated with fulfilling our vital mission of environmental stewardship and education.
Memorial Gardens
Visitors to the Wildlife Gardens of Churchville Nature Center can enjoy a peaceful setting for contemplation and wildlife viewing. The gardens also provide a means for individuals and organizations to recognize their loved ones, both living and deceased. Loved ones can be recognized in the Wildlife Gardens in several different ways: A name-plate can be added to the memorial sign at the garden’s entrance for a donation of $100. An existing tree, regardless of size, can be dedicated for a $300 donation. A new shrub can be planted for $400 and a new tree for $700.A custom built memorial garden bench can be installed for $1000 (trail benches are available for $500) Names are memorialized on plates made of weatherproof black metal with silver lettering. To learn more, download the Wildlife Gardens brochure available in the publications list on this page.
Migratory Marathon
During the month of May an amazing variety of bird species visits our area on their northerly migration to their nesting grounds. Churchville Nature Center’s Bird Marathon Team searches the woods, fields and meadows at this time counting and documenting the number and variety of species passing through. Flat donations in support of the Migratory Marathon can be made online. To learn more, download the Migratory Marathon brochure available in the publications list on this page.
The CNC Endowment Fund* provides continued support to the center. As the endowment fund grows, so does the interest that is available; the endowment itself can never be used except to support the center. This ensures that the center and its mission of education and preservation will continue well into the future.
For monetary donations, please use the web from (link below; select 'endowment' from the donation type drop-down). The fund also accepts caritable gift annuities, apprecied securities, real estate, life insurance policies, charitable remainder tursts, and bequests; contact us to learn more.
*Created by the Friends of Churchville Nature Center in 2004 and managed by the Philadelphia Foundation (established 1918 to provide philanthropic services to southestern Pennsylvanians).
Annual Appeal
The Annual Appeal helps to fund the Churchville Nature Center's on-going, daily mission of Education and Preservation.
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