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Marlin D. Corn Wildlife Gardens
Preserve A Memory... While Helping To Preserve Wildlife
Churchville Nature Center’s Memorial Wildlife Gardens
Giving Wildlife a Helping Hand
Churchville Nature Center’s Wildlife Gardens serve to help our local wildlife several different ways, including:
  • Growing fruit and nectar producing plants that are fed upon by many birds, insects and mammals.
  • Emphasizing the use of native trees, shrubs and other plants that are most beneficial to our native wildlife.
  • Providing water gardens and rock features that serve as microhabitats to benefit local reptile and amphibian species.
  • Propagating native plants for areas beyond the perimeters of the gardens.
  • Educating the general public about the wisdom of landscaping for the benefit of wildlife.
Memories live on....
...grow, and blossom in the form of a living tree or shrub. Perhaps you would like to create a living memorial that will also help provide a haven for wildlife. Memorial donations to the Wildlife Gardens help support the growth and maintenance of this unique facet of the Churchville Nature Center. Your contribution will serve to better the environment, while providing a peaceful setting for the contemplation of loved ones.
Description of the Wildlife Gardens Memorial Program
General Background
The Wildlife Gardens of Churchville Nature Center were created in 1994. This picturesque area is landscaped with plants beneficial to wildlife, not only to help our local wild animal species, but also to provide an area close by for passive recreation. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful setting for contemplation and wildlife viewing without venturing out onto the trail system. Explore a butterfly garden, hummingbird garden, water gardens, native woodland garden, and more. The gardens are designed to be barrier free for people with disabilities. In addition, this area functions as an outdoor classroom. Programs designed to educate the public about the wisdom of landscaping their own property for wildlife are offered throughout the year. The gardens also serve to provide a method for individuals and organizations to recognize their loved ones, both living and deceased.
Loved ones can be recognized in the Wildlife Gardens in several different ways:
  • A name plate can be added to the memorial sign at the garden’s entrance for a donation of $100.
  • An existing tree, regardless of size, can be dedicated for a $300 donation.
  • A new shrub can be planted for $400 and a new tree for $700.
  • A custom built memorial garden bench can be installed for $1000 (trail benches are available for $500).
While all trees and shrubs must be native species, there is a large selection to choose from, many of which have beautiful blossoms in the spring, and colorful fall foliage. Other memorial possibilities exist, and are considered on a case by case basis. Past examples include new water gardens, arbors and other structures.
Names are memorialized on plates made of weather-proof black metal with silver lettering. Name plates on the memorial sign at the garden entrance measure 1” x 3”. Plates for benches and tree plantings are larger, allowing more space for text in additoin to the name. Tree plates are mounted on a wooded plaque and pedestal.
Those interested in the Wildlife Gardens memorial program may contact the Churchville Nature Center at 215-357-4005. A meeting will then be arranged to discuss the type of memorial desired in greater detail.