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Janet V. Machiewicz Butterfly House!
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Always changing and always improving, the Butterfly House at Churchville is one of those special exhibits that makes CNC such a wonderful and unique place to visit. Run from July through to mid-September, the butterfly house showcases native Lepidoptera (butterflies & moths) in all stages of their life cycle. The exhibit is heavily supported and operated by a passionate base of volunteers who work to rear our butterflies, maintain the gardens & lead educational tours.

As a native butterfly exhibit, the occupants of the house are always changing. To fully enjoy all that the house has to offer, we suggest returning throughout the season to see whats new as the summer progresses. Luckily, return visits are easier as admittance to the butterfly house is now included in all levels of membership. More information in our Membership Brochure.
Beauty comes alive!
In the Butterfly House we house native butterflies (and occasionally moths) at each stage of their life cycle. From egg to adult, we showcase the wonders of insect metamorphosis and teach the importance of butterfly and host plant diversity. As a nature center, we hope each visitor leaves our butterfly house with a new found appreciation for butterflies and a smile on their face.

Operating Hours
The 2019 tours will run from July 6th through to September 14th.
Hours are 11:00 am - 3:00 pm, Wednesday through Sunday.

Admission Prices
Admission comes with a 20-25 minute tour of our butterfly house. Feel free to stay as long as you want and be sure to explore the butterfly enclosure, we have bees!
  • Adult = $8.00
  • Senior = $6.00
  • Children (4-13 years old) = $5.00
  • Under 4 = Free
Members are Free!

Butterfly House Special Events

The Butterfly House at Churchville offers several fun activities outside of the main exhibit itself. While some programs change year to year, several offerings are annual and they include:
Arthropalooza! - August 10th & 11th
Held the second weekend in August, the big butterfly house event is Arthropalooza! its a fun filled weekend for both families and invertebrate lovers alike that includes activities such as cockroach races, live arthropod demonstrations, a honey and beekeeping display, an Eat-A-Bug Station, dozens of live tarantulas and other live invertebrates. New activities and fun will be added each year so check it out!
Monarch Tag & Release Party - September 15th
A yearly staple of the butterfly house is the annual Monarch butterfly tagging event. While it has changed in its presentation, the core idea remains the same: to provide a way for the public to take part in the monitoring of the threatened Monarch butterflies as they migrate to Mexico. Starting in 2017 the tagging event uses only butterflies reared by our docents and staff. This is a conservation effort as much as it is an educational program... also there is cake!This event is held in mid-September, the day after the butterfly house closes for tours. The timing may seem late, but it coincides with the peak of the migration season.

Become a Docent or Attendant
Do you have a passion for butterflies, native wildlife and/or gardening? Well then consider joining our dedicated group of volunteers who keep the butterfly house running. From rearing to leading the educational tours, the butterfly house needs all the help it can get. Training will provided for those interested in working with us. You can choose to be a docent and lead tours or be an attendant only and provide the needed support with rearing and garden maintenance. To learn more please contact our Naturalist & Butterfly House Coordinator Bill Woodroffe:
215-357-4005 ext 5033
Our Butterfly House is open from July through September. Please contact us for more details.