Churchville Nature Center
Welcome to the
Dragonfly Niche Gift Shop
The Dragonfly Niche Gift Shop is located on the left as you enter the visitor center. Our shop is stocked with merchandise related to and themed for science, nature and the Lenape Village.
All proceeds go to supporting the Friends of Churchville Nature Center in their continued work of supporting the CNC mission of education, preservation and environmental stewardship.
Members of the Friends of Churchville Nature Center receive a 10% discount on all purchases made in the gift shop, even on already marked down products and special offers.
Our gift shop is open to visitors during open hours. All sales are done in person. Merchandise changes with the season so be sure to check it out every time you visit.
Our current promotional is a BOGO sale on Boyd's Bears. Bears come in various sizes, shapes and some are not even bears!
Lenape Village themed products include necklaces and traditional Lenape games.
Our products are themed for nature and include products representing the Churchville Nature Center.
We have various reference guides and children's nature themed books available.
For the holiday season we offer natural ornaments and reusable gift bags.
There are plenty of little gifts and souvenirs in our store for kids and adults alike.
For the amateur geologist, we have plenty of rock and mineral related merchandise as well as jewelry and other products related to different events held each year here at the center.
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