Churchville Nature Center
Annual Wildflower Sale
Churchville Nature Center's
Annual Native Wildflower Sale
Each spring the Friends of Churchville Nature Center host a two weekend sale of various native perennials, native trees/shrubs, herbs and annuals. The sale is always the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May. While plants are sold throughout the summer, these opening weekends give you a chance to talk with our staff and volunteers about the various plants on sale and what best to choose for your particular needs. We strive to change the perception of native plants
Supporting the Non-Profit
The annual sale is the largest fundraiser the nature center holds each year. It supports our non-profit, the Friends of Churchville Nature Center. Purchases made at the annual sale not only benefit the environment by ensuring the spread of native flora, but proceeds go to supporting the center's programming and public outreach.
A Way to Help Diversity and Wildlife Conservation
Churchville Nature Center's wildflower sale is a great way to promote local pollinators and other wildlife by planting the natural flora those creatures thrive on. Ornamentals can be beautiful, but wildlife prefer natural sources of food and shelter.
No Pesticides or Chemicals
Since we specialize in pollinator friendly plants, we never use pesticides. This prevents any potential harm on bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects due to lingering residual chemicals. We do not treat our plants with any chemicals relying on natural growing practices.
2020 Wildflower Sale Perennial Details
View details for each in this this year's booklet linked below.
Please download form before filling it out and saving your edits.
***Due to the Coronavirus, we are currently only accepting orders for pick-up starting June 3rd. In person pick out to follow, date for that TBA.***
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