Churchville Nature Center
Wildlife Studies & Surveys
Churchville Nature Center proudly sponsors a variety of activities intended to document populations of native wildlife. Current and past studies have focused on bird, reptile, amphibian and butterfly species of Pennsylvania. To make sure these programs are staffed and continued, we are always looking for new volunteers to participate in these wildlife counts or to even spearhead new ones.
We annually participate in the nation-wide Audubon Christmas Bird Count and Migratory Bird Marathon and have been collecting localized population data from around the reservoir through our weekly Saturday Morning Bird Walks since the late 90's. These bird walks are free to the public and start at 7:00 am from April through September & 8:00 am from October to the end of March.
We maintain numerous nesting boxes for bluebirds, kestrels, screech owls, and other species. We maintain an ongoing database of reptile and amphibian species for Bucks County to supplement the Bucks County Herpetological Atlas which was completed in 2010.
In cooperation with the North American Butterfly Association, Churchville Nature Center coordinates the Lower Bucks branch of the annual July 4th Butterfly Count in cooperation with Silver Lake Nature Center. It is a nation-wide study to chronicle the shifts in butterfly populations across North America.
These studies provide important data for researchers working on wildlife conservation. If you are interested in participating in one of our counts and want to learn more, please contact our Naturalist Bill Woodroffe:
215-357-4005 ext 5033
Weekly Bird Walk Data
Volunteers and staff of the Churchville Nature Center have been recording data during our weekly Saturday morning bird walks. From 2000 to 2019 we have collected 20 years of raw citizen science data that tells a story of the Churchville Reservoir and its surrounding area.
Please feel free to download these data files for view. Volunteers and staff will be looking at these data sets to see what trends and changes we can see over the last two decades.
We want to also thank all those who have participated in our free walks and all those who contributed to the data collection over the years. A special thanks to all the compilers.
Data Files Coming Soon! Currently being altered for web use.
Bucks County Herpetological Survey
Eastern Milksnake
Female Eastern Box Turtle
Five-lined Skink
As a component of the Bucks County Natural Areas Inventory update project (BCNAI), Marlin Corn, former staff naturalist for the Churchville Nature Center, conducted the Herpetological Inventory, a comprehensive cataloging of the county's reptile and amphibian populations. With the help of numerous volunteers, 44 amphibian and reptile species were documented within the county borders.

Above photos courtesy of Marlin Corn.
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