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Nature Center
Volunteering at CNC
Let Everyone Attain their Potential Through Volunteerism
Churchville Nature Center…
where you make friendships, meet goals, and realize that you can make a difference in building a stronger community.
Join our family
We invite you to join our family of over 200 volunteers. Come see how we can enhance your interest in nature, while you are sharing our vision and our commitment to preserving wildlife habitat and to educating the public. Becoming involved with the Nature Center in one or more of the following ways is guaranteed to enrich your life, stir your intellectual curiosity, and encourage you to be creative and open to new challenges.
Churchville Nature Center is...
  • The first nature center in Bucks County
  • A facility of Bucks County Department of Parks and Recreation
  • A non-profit environmental education center dedicated to the preservation of
    wildlife habitat and to the education of the public
  • A central place in the community where we can provide social opportunities
    for the whole family
Our volunteers...
  • are appreciated for their valuable contribution of time and talents
  • make decisions about their environment and how it directly affects them
  • share in our vision and help us achieve our goals
  • enjoy working with people of all ages
  • are part of a team
As a volunteer you receive…
  • general orientation to the Nature Center, its staff, facilities, policies procedures and history
  • specific training for your chosen position
  • invitations to special volunteer activities
  • pride in knowing you are helping to create a better society
Volunteer Positions
1. Special Event Assistant
Assist committee members with various aspects of special events, such as preparation for, and various activities during the day of the event.
2. Visitor Aide / Store Clerk
  • Greet and talk with the public
  • Provide visitors with information of upcoming events
  • Register program participants
  • Answer phones
  • Work with store manager
  • Help customers with purchases
  • Help with pricing, shelving and stocking merchandise
3. Office Assistant / Secretarial
Help with a variety of office duties, such as:
  • Computer word processing
  • Data entry
  • Mailings
  • Answering phones
  • Typing correspondence, press releases and reports
4. Community Display Assistant
  • Represent the Nature Center at various off-site functions
  • Promote our programs and special events at the Grange Fair, Bucks Beautiful, and International Day
5. Program Assistant
  • Help set up and take down nature program displays presented at the Center (usually evening and weekend programs)
  • Collect money for these programs
6. Summer Club Assistant
Help the educators set up and take down “props” for educational children’s programs (morning and afternoon sessions available)
Assist with these programs
7. Artist
Make posters, signs, lettering and advertising for special events.
8. Flyer Delivery Volunteer
Make sure flyers for special programs and events are distributed to various schools and merchants throughout the community.
9. Gardeners
Help maintain Memorial Wildlife Garden areas - which include the butterfly garden, hummingbird garden, our many ponds and native plants - by doing such tasks as planting, preparing beds, weeding, etc.
10. Handyman
Assist in the upkeep, maintenance and improvement of the various buildings, displays and equipment. You will be working with a skilled craftsman and will acquire knowledge of the use of various hand tools and power tools involved in carpentry, plumbing and masonry work. (This will be on-the-job training).
11. Ground Crew Maintenance Assistant
Help with the upkeep of the Nature Center grounds by performing specific tasks which will enhance the ground aesthetics and provide a safe, accessible trail system and parking area.
12. Janitorial / Building
Help with the up-keep of the Nature Center building. Make sure the building looks inviting to visitors by keeping it clean.
13. Bird Walk Leaders
Lead early Saturday morning bird walks, collecting needed bird data, and meeting other bird enthusiasts.
14. Bird Feeders/ Indoor Plant Care
Make sure bird feeders are filled and maintained, and indoor plants are watered and cared for.
15. Wildlife Species Count
Help the Nature Center collect yearly data on local wildlife species in counts such as:
  • Birdathon
  • Audubon Christmas bird count
  • Migratory bird count
  • Butterfly count
  • Reptile and Amphibian Atlas project
16. Family Volunteers
Volunteering as families offers many ways to share quality time together. Together you can transform everyday events into fun-filled occasions.
17. Community Service Projects
These are designed to help our volunteers accept responsibility for their community. They encourage the volunteers to make commitments which will fulfill their required volunteer hours. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities offered.